Quanta of rose and snow

Blurred wild rose fruits and blurred snowflakes become a way to express the quantum nature of our universe and related cosmic matters within a single frame. The quantum symbolism is also a question of how the photos occure. It is not possible to foresee the snowflakes’ composition so the ones below are the result of scale and randomness. Quantum style for all the world like!

  • Free electrons

    Free electrons

  • Lines and dots

    Lines and dots

  • Particles


  • Soft particles

    Soft particles

  • Rain of particles

    Rain of particles

  • Comets in space

    Comets in space

  • Hubble snapshot

    Hubble snapshot

  • Quantum watercolour

    Quantum watercolour

  • Square of sphere

    Square of sphere

  • White hole

    White hole

  • Molecule


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