A walk along the coast, a glimpse from a deck of a boat. From sandy beaches with dunes, cliffs and sandbars but no islands, through rocks and archipelagos, to calm bays where forest meets waterline. All these places have been changed by human but still so many of them are little anchorages for wildlife and bring imaginations about nature face of this beautiful sea.

  • Bornholmer bolger

    Bornholmer bolger

  • Essence of Baltic

    Essence of Baltic

  • You're safe now

    You're safe now

  • Lagoon


  • Archipelago


  • Sunset in a Baltic mirror

    Sunset in a Baltic mirror

  • Near Hammeren Fyr

    Near Hammeren Fyr

  • Seagulls' garden

    Seagulls' garden

  • Red


  • Fishermen from Hasle

    Fishermen from Hasle

  • Wave portrait

    Wave portrait

  • Woods on dunes

    Woods on dunes

  • On edge of frame

    On edge of frame

  • Swan, standard

    Swan, standard

  • Repeats


  • Bla Jungfrun

    Bla Jungfrun

  • Bush on dunes

    Bush on dunes

  • Blood, snow and other

    Blood, snow and other

  • Perfect harmony

    Perfect harmony

  • Neptuni arakar

    Neptuni arakar

  • Spit


  • Gull ho!

    Gull ho!

  • Two islands

    Two islands

  • Ducks on ice

    Ducks on ice

  • White & white

    White & white

  • Skerries close up

    Skerries close up

  • Undercliff


  • The view out a dune

    The view out a dune

  • Byrums raukar

    Byrums raukar

  • Castle's gate

    Castle's gate

  • Range of waves

    Range of waves

  • Playmate style

    Playmate style

  • Bay


  • Green lakes

    Green lakes

  • Wave portrait II

    Wave portrait II

  • Seascape with a seal lying on rocks

    Seascape with a seal lying on rocks

  • Burgundy bush

    Burgundy bush

  • A postcard from Skuleskogens National Park

    A postcard from Skuleskogens National Park

  • Micro Kamchatka

    Micro Kamchatka

  • Stones in water

    Stones in water

  • Short after storm

    Short after storm

  • Efflux


  • Facing sea

    Facing sea

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